Help! My Staff Needs a Energy Drink!

Is your staff under pressure to perform? Are they under the impression that all hope is lost? Can you see your staff forgetting the purpose of their job? Does it seem like your staff is running on empty? What can you do to help boost the energy in the office?  Through this workshop we will give your staff the energy to get right back into what they love to do!

     Diversity Training

This is a training to help staff get used to working with people who are different or servicing others from different backgrounds. The workplace brings people from all different backgrounds to work together. This training is here to show the value of having different people working toward the same goals. It will also help your employees give the best service to individuals regardless of their ethnic background.  Is your staff culturally aware?  Do you have low morale with your staff because of diversity? Do they understand how to work with people from different cultures?  Through this training we will promote positive inter-group interaction. If you have a workplace that requires your employees to work with different ethnic groups, then this training is for you.  

Sensitivity Training

Do you find that your staff is not sensitive to the needs of students or consumers? Let’s be honest, sometimes when you do things for so long, you get numb to the job. Well, let us bring this exciting sensitivity training to your staff so they can see the need to be sensitive.  Focusing on the need to be vs what I have to be will produce people to work with passion. Could this training be for you?

Seek Your Potential Workshop

Need some creativity in the workplace and do you want those around you to tap into their potential? Maybe you just need help knowing who you are and learning more about who you can be. Writing children's books, creating characters, working in the community, coaching sports, doing volunteer work are all places where I have found my potential. I promise after one of these sessions you and your staff will discover your own potential.

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