About Dr. Isaiah L. White Sr.

Isaiah faced many traumatizing experiences throughout his childhood. He was a victim of molestation from ages three to twelve all while living in poverty conditions. Those conditions included no running water or electricity. When he tried to sleep at night, rats would run across him as he hid under his covers. Isaiah spent the majority of his schooling in special education due to his learning disabilities. His frustration from struggling in school started to show in his behavior. His disruptive behaviors resulted in him receiving repeated in-school and out of school suspensions. When he wasn't suspended, he was serving detention or lunch detention. Isaiah was expelled several times from different schools. The challenges he faced during his years in school were exacerbated by him being bullied.


He graduated from high school on a 7th grade level in some subjects, and a 5th grade level in others. He started to fall into a deep depression as he tried to attend college. Facing the reality that he spent twelve years in school and barely knew anything caused him to lose self-confidence. When he stood on the college campus, he felt like he did not belong because he knew he did not have the required skills and knowledge to be a college student. Over time, he lost his will to further his education. Despite his many attempts at suicide and years of depression, he persevered and never gave up.


After all he experienced, he obtained his doctoral degree in education. He is not afraid to share how he went from a 2.3 GPA at a community college, to a 3.6 GPA at the culmination of his doctoral degree. Now, he is using his compelling story as an opportunity to share with young people about how their lives can take a different path when they are determined. He is also sharing with staff how to never give up on a student. 


His passion led him to working at a local community college and purposely working in the school system at the same time.  He worked as a coordinator and mentor of the college’s mentoring program that was focused on minority males. To widen the impact, he opened the mentor program up to all males on the campus. He has also coached for nearly 20 years in various sports.  To help students stay out of trouble and off the streets, he created programs for youth in the community.


He currently works as a college professor and travels conducting seminars and assemblies on various topics. His versatility and ability to talk candidly with youth, young adults, educators, and parents on many subject matters has taken him many places. His goal is to be transparent!


Through Dr. Isaiah White Sr.'s community work and traveling around the world, he has reached  30,000 at-risk youth in various communities and spoken to even more students than that. Help him reach your community.  


This website is filled with a variety of resources such as workshops on character development, diversity training, assemblies for students of all ages, books that center on empowerment, inspiration, and insightful literature for children and adults.


Check out Dr. White’s website to keep up on these events. We’ll be updating the schedule of events regularly. Still have questions? Contact us at 856-839-7057or info@isaiahspeaks.com and we'll be glad to provide more information. 


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