You can bring Isaiah White to your school to speak at graduation, parenting workshops, or any other even where he can help motivate, your staff or students towards success. We believe what is presented will help renew their mind, cultivate their vision, and develop students and staff to be an efficient working force. Most of all, we hope this sparks excitement for people to go after their dreams and full potential.Look around our website for more information about of our amazing workshops, assemblies, and character development sessions.


Here is a breakdown of each assembly to help you determine the appropriate age group.


Preschool/Elementary- Puppet Shows


Elementary/ Middle School-Bullying, Black History is our History


Elementary/Middle School and High School- 2B or not 2B, Black History is our History.


High School and College -Personal Academic Advisor, My College Recruiter, 2B or not to 2B, In a Class Called Special



In a Class Called Special 

Isaiah uses his personal life story of graduating from high school on a 4th grade math level, and 6h grade reading level, battling bullying, low self-esteem, kicked out of schools, vandalizing things, on academic probation, report card filled with F’s, progress reports calling for parent meetings. He now turns his frustration into working his way to degrees and tutoring. He is currently on national honor society and in his 2nd year of the doctorate degree. Invite him to speak to your youth in an empowering session of real, uplifting words that will transform their life.

2b or not 2b Assembly

What are the major issues of your school? If you could take time away from your lesson plans and teach a subject about life, what would it be? Is your school dealing with youth that do not seem to be motivated? This assembly will give them the shock factor you have been waiting for! This is an assembly where we take the local and national stats and bring them to the face of the student. The benefit of this is that some of the stats will challenge the students not be statics and also get them to see what they are facing such as Sex, drugs, education, money, and crime to encourage the students 2b.


Puppet Show

We are bringing puppet shows back to life. Our hilarious moments will teach kids about real life issues. Our presentations are like none other and are sure to captivate the students and also the teachers. Topics will include “How to deal with first responders” ( fire fighters, doctors, and police officers) we will even bring along our friend the chef. We also touch on “bullying”, “making friends”, “hygiene”, “being respectful to adults” and we have many more subjects.

Stick Up 4 Urself Assembly (Anti-bullying)

This is an anti- bullying assembly. This assembly empowers the one who is being bullied. So many times we want the bully to stop but we don’t empower the one who was bullied. We want to empower the person who is receiving the bullying. This will be an empowering session

Black History is our History

Let's Celebrate American history through an African American History Assembly. Do you want a excite your students about the creativity that has always been around past and present? Want to change the mindset of a generation and educate them on American History? Let us bring this assembly to you as we highlight some key historical people, dates, monumental moments, and unknown facts about American history through African American History. We have topics on inventions, journeys, triumphs,struggles we will do it through interactive skits and activities, contest, prizes and so much more. Bring us to your school, we promise it will be something they never will forget. Great accomplishments are sometimes forgotten, but we are here to make them known again. " Remember freedon comes to all through sacrifice."

Your never too early to start thinking about the next stage of your life. No matter what grade level they are in, it’s time to start thinking about graduation. Let lead them into thinking about college graduation and high school graduation at the same time. Are your students lost on what career they should choose, need more information on college, college degrees, scholarships, loans, things on campus? Let us come in and excite your students on the road to graduation…. from college of course. We are ready to unload all this information to your students.  

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