Welcome to “Isaiah Speaks”. We hope through this site will set fire to your words and ultimately empower you as an individual. We believe that once someone realizes their potential, and understands their purpose, their actions becomes more powerful. This makes room for your gift to manifest itself on a deeper level. Knowing who we are and what we possess can strengthen our gift. We become powerful when we understand and see our potential. This website is here for that reason.


Here are a few questions for you. Are you utilizing your gifts or your voice? How long have you suffered being quiet or not using your gifts? Do you feel your actions and words accomplish their true goal? What past experiences, disability, or flaws are stopping you? How many years have you battled with having confidence that empowers you to speak loud and strong? What were those times you let people silence your words? Do you know your potential? Do your actions speak? It's time to let your voice be heard and let your actions speak!


Many times we don’t allow ourselves to be creative, or even allow our full potential to thrive. It is our mission to spark the desire to speak, be heard and function at a level where your potential is fully operational. The fear to speak, the fear to be, the fear to thrive and the fear of your past will no longer be an obstacle. Are you ready to put your name in front of the blank line to say  __________ Speaks?


 Please take the time to look around the website where you will find out more about Isaiah Speaks and how to bring him to speak at one of your functions.  He can be reached a speaking@isaiahspeaks.com .

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